About Us

Our Story


Our story has only just started. Although we play live in different bands Jim in User Friendly and Andrea in DeFrenchy we got together to write songs and make an album.

On the 12th October  2019 the album was released on White Black Records. Which is quite a good record label for a band called the Zebra Trees.

What Inspires Us


Country Music inspires us. It certainly inspired us to make the Album and brought us together.

The first single we have released ”Happy Birthday “ was a present to my sister who wanted a song from me for her Birthday.  She was born in Kenya hence the African reprise at the end of the song. 

Our Influences


Our music blends country , rock, acoustic and folk melodies, to create a unique sound.

Hugely influenced growing up listening to as much music as possible In all the above genres. 


Files coming soon.